The Ravendale and Eskdale Railway

Wherever you find beautiful landscapes and rising mountains you can't help but forget everything about life and simply fall in love with mother nature and the Lake District must have been one of her pet projects, as Cumbria's Scafell and collection of Lakes will testify.

Arriving in Cumbria and at the very heart of the Lake District you'll be forgiven for contemplating whether you're on the first boat to arrive, or rather in this instance, on the first train, in particular the Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway train.

In an age where iphones and ipads reign, it's funny to consider that 250 years ago, the technology we crave today ensured the same response with tech in its own day also. But how many of us can declare that in the year 2215 that Apple's iPhone or iPad will create as much nostalgia and passion or enjoyment for our children as a ride on the Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway through the Lake District can provide today, 250 years after the technology's inception, 136 years after the Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway line first opened.

It's worth knowing your history regarding technology as then you begin to understand human evolution, when you visit the Lake District it's not only about a walking holiday or jet skiing on Lake Windermere it's about being in an environment where 10,000 years and 100,000 years ago life was very different but the scenery has hardly changed. In all that time mountains have stood and streams have flowed and there's no better way to discover and find this out for yourself than by using the Ravenglass & Eskdale Railwayline to see the sights and take in the fresh air on offer in the very heart of the Lake District.

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The Ravendale and Eskdale Railway

More about The Ravendale and Eskdale Railway

The famous Lake District Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway Line Route, which heralds the phrase "From The Lake District's Coast To Its Highest Mountain" rings true as it meanders its way on a seven mile journey from tidal Barrow Marsh to the foot of Scafell through the following places; Ravenglass, Muncaster Mill, Miteside, Murthwaite, Irton Road, The Green (Miterdale), Fisherground, Beckfoot and Dalgarth.

Train travel truly came full circle here or rather industry did, once upon a time these local hills and villages were alive with mines, these Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway miniature railways served a greater purpose, long before roads offered swift and safe viable transport between secluded towns and villages, and a means for not only locals but supplies, iron ore and coal to be taken by steam powered train across the rugged lands to ports and mainline stations for distribution around Britain.

Thanks to Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway whether it's humble beginnings as an iron ore transporter or as today's passenger carrying tourist attraction, the Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway continues to provide for it's local community in more ways than one, bringing astounding natural beauty closer and to places where cars cannot reach and at the same time it provides a little stability to the local economy.

The Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway runs several steam engines with some dating back to 1894. Departures run daily in season (February to October) from Ravenglass to Dalegarth during daylight hours at roughly hourly intervals with special journeys on selected weekends, Christmas and New Years for those willing to brave the unique miniature Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway carriage experience.

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